Sun & Insect Screens

Sunscreen and insect screens in Surprise AZPhoenix, Arizona is a great place to live. That said, every place has it pros and cons. The insect and bug situation can be irritating out here. The heat brings with the heat unwanted pests. It is the nature of the beast. That said, Surprise Replacement Windows has the answer to your situation. Window screen replacement is a necessity and we offer the best products and services to fill your need.

Our clients receive a free price quote as well as valley mobile service if needed. We are here to meet your needs. Phifer makes our products. And, as noted below, Phifer is number one. Phifer is the largest screen producer in the world. The screens produced provide several things. In addition to keeping away the bugs as well the heat, the screens preserve your view. That means sun control materials help minimize the solar heat. Soft, indoor lighting is created. And the bugs are trying to figure out what happened. Creating a comfortable environment is no laughing matter however. Being the largest producer in the world, Phifer creates commercial products, consumer products as well as industrial products.


Sunscreens  (SunTex)Phifer Suntex

SunTex screens block up to 90% of the heat from the sun. They are available in a variety of colors and widths as well as roll lengths. When considering your screen choice, rest assured that the breaking strength, the mesh count and stiffness are part of the elements that make Phifer Suntex products number one. Based on your needs, you will receive a customized product.

There are various types of screen products such as:
– SunTex 80/90
– SunTex 90 Design
– Super Solar
– Sunscreen
– Solar Insect Screen
– Pet Screen
– Tuff Screen
– UltraVue
– BetterVue
– SeeVue

These are just a partial list of the products. Several aluminum products are also available. In addition, there are several choices for the screen materials. You can choose a screen for the pool or patio.

The various types of specialty screens include:Sun and solar screens
– Bronze
– Galvanized
– Vent Mesh
– Glas-Shield
– Sheerweave

It can be safely said that your needs are at the top of the list. The choices available make getting comfortable a much easier job for you.


Insect/Bug Screen Services and ProductsBug Screens Surprise AZ

SunTex solar shades not only provide protection from the sun but also from the bugs. This rollup shade is available to make your relaxation outside extremely comfortable. The glare and heat reduction as well as the insect protection allow you to relax in style.

Aluminum insect screen is another product that protects you from the bugs. You can keep the bugs away with the black or charcoal coatings in which this product is available. This product is durable and traditional.

There is also a product available that protects against tiny insects. This product is a 20×20 mesh screen or 20×30 mesh screen that keeps the tiny bugs out. Maintenance for the insect screen is very simple. Clean the metal with water only. Clean the vinyl products with a mild soap solution. Do not scrub.

It is easy to see that you have great options for quality, durability and style with Phifer/SunTex products. These features make it obvious you can relax in comfort and style as well as protect yourself from the natural elements.

The products and services we provide can meet any of your window screen replacement needs. There is something for everyone and it is quite simple to customize a product for you. Check us out and give yourself a pleasurable and stylish environment when relaxing. Mobile services are also available if that is what you need.