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New Diesel Cars And The Reasons For And Against Them

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Those who are buying a brand new car might be considering going for a diesel engine. The reasons below will give you an idea of why it could be good to buy one and why it might not be.


– The main advantage with choosing a diesel car is that it should mean spending quite a bit less money on fuel – as much as 30% less. These days we are all worried about fuel efficiency and this is why many people are making the move to this fuel.


– Because you will use less fuel with a diesel engine, you will not have to go to the petrol station so often.


– It is said that with a diesel engine, you get a bit more torque.


– Many feel that there tend to be less problems developing with diesel cars because of the fact that diesel engines are more reliable than petrol engines.


However there are not only advantages to choosing a diesel engine; there are also a number of disadvantages.


– Because of the engine in these cars, they tend to be more expensive to purchase. If you want to convert your new car to diesel then this could cost you quite a bit of money.


– Diesel engines do tend to need a service a bit more often than a petrol engine.


– It will probably cost you more money to fix any problems that occur with a diesel engine.



– It is often claimed that acceleration is much better with a petrol engine.


So when it comes to buying new cars, the above are just some of the good and bad points when choosing diesel engines. If you are considering a diesel engine then take your time and check out all the advantages as well as the disadvantages. Most people with a diesel engine to seem to be happy with the decision though.


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