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Used Lexus – How Economic Considerations Effect Your Choice

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Though the degree to which economic shifts have touched individual lives has varied tremendously from one household to another, entire societies have developed an increased awareness of the importance of being prudent in making major purchases of products like cars. A car is the most expensive object that many people will ever buy, and being careless in the decision of how to go about it can be the difference between prosperity and financial ruin. Even people who can afford a brand new model are now sometimes deciding that they would prefer to go for a Used Lexus.
There are many financial advantages associated with a Used Lexus over a new one. Cars go through most of their depreciation when they first leave the lot as a new car and become a used one. In addition, the higher price of new cars and the amount of debt that can be required to buy them has implications for areas of finance such as the cost of insurance and the impact of the car loan on the buyer’s perceived overall creditworthiness if they should need to seek credit for other purposes afterward.
It is also increasingly of social advantage to be seen buying a Used Lexus rather than a new model. Where people once focused heavily on who had the nicest things and carried out an unspoken competition for who could live in the greatest luxury in their social group, more people have become aware of how many of their peers secretly finance their lifestyle through taking on heavy debts. Purchases that would have at one time been taken as proof of success and good fortune now risk being interpreted as the signs of foolish vanity. The buyer of a used car can now take the opportunity to brag in a roundabout way that he could have, of course, afforded a new car but felt that it would be better to go with something less expensive.
Where prestige once sat firmly with people who could, and did, buy brand new cars, the economic and social tides have been shifting. The decision to buy a Used Lexus may not be the best one for both the buyer’s image and his wallet.