Milgard-Best Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

Best Energy Efficient WindowsWindows and doors may not be at the forefront of your mind during your busy days, but they are important.  Choosing the appropriate windows and doors for your home can drastically cut down on your home energy costs, help the environment, and keep your home looking market ready.  At Milgard Windows and Doors we offer a wide selection of the best energy efficient windows and doors.  Our staff is professionally trained to help you make the best decisions for your home and to provide you with quality service and installation.  For your convenience, we offer free price quotes and valley wide service.

All homes and homeowners are not the same, which is why we offer a large selection of different windows and doors including those made of vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass.  From inexpensive vinyl that is energy efficient to the low-maintenance and durability of aluminum, we have you covered.  Whether you are concerned with energy efficiency or noise control, we have the product to fit your needs.  Some of our products contain more than one material, giving you the benefits of both.   Milgard features only premium materials to help you get the most out of your investment.  We are the proven leader in window technology.


Vinyl Best Energy Efficient Windows & DoorsVinyl Windows & Doors

Vinyl windows have improved in recent years, making them a better investment for your home.  They are now designed to reduce thermal transfer.  Previously the sash of vinyl windows would expand and contract faster or slower than the actual glass did.  This action would cause leaks and decrease the stability of vinyl in very hot climates.  With new designs and technologies, vinyl windows and doors offer durability and stability.  When choosing vinyl windows or doors it is important to ask what type of compound the product is made from.  The compound that comprises the specific type of vinyl will have an impact on the life and durability of the window or door.  Do not just simply compare vinyl products to other vinyl products.  Compare their compounds as well.

One drawback to choosing vinyl for a window or door material is that it cannot be painted.  However, we offer vinyl windows and doors in white a variety of neutral colors to match any home.  Vinyl makes up for its lack of color with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.  It requires little or no maintenance and is available in many different shapes and styles to match your home’s design and architecture.  Vinyl windows and doors are easy to install and do not corrode.


Aluminum Windows & DoorsAluminum Windows & Doors

With all of its benefits, it is no wonder why aluminum is a very popular option for window and door material at the present time.  If you are looking for a windows or doors that are low maintenance and high value, look no further than aluminum doors and windows.  Aluminum has been regarded for its strength, narrow frames, and durability for years.  Aluminum will not rust or rot and does not need to be painted.  Older models of aluminum doors and windows were not energy efficient, as aluminum naturally conducts whatever temperature it is exposed to.   Older aluminum windows and doors allowed heat to escape homes through the sash and frame.  Technology has improved and now aluminum is of better quality, with breaks that separate the inner and outer surfaces, making them more energy efficient.  If you are looking to accentuate the views in your home, aluminum, with its narrow sight lines, is the choice for you.  There are many factory options for color when it comes to choosing aluminum and aluminum complements the current architectural style.   If you are looking for versatility and durability, choose aluminum doors and windows.  Aluminum is reliable and will be a long-lasting investment into your home.


Fiberglass Windows & DoorsFiberglass Windows & Doors by Milgard

Fiberglass has typically been used to help boats float and add strength to other types of materials.  It has not typically been a material of choice for windows and doors.  However, with new technology, Milgard has changed that, making fiberglass a very popular choice in window and door material.  When choosing a window or door material you want something that will stand up strong to the elements of wind and snow, as well as UV light, salt air and insects.  Fiberglass stands up to all of these and more, making it the perfect material for doors and windows.  Fiberglass also resists peeling, cracking and warping, unlike wood windows and doors.  Fiberglass is composed of glass fibers.  This means that a fiberglass window or door will expand and contract at approximately the same rate as glass does, making fiberglass windows and doors last longer and be more effective.  Fiberglass can be painted, but unlike its wood counterpart it does not need to be treated.  If you prefer the look of wood for your door, a wood veneer can be applied to your fiberglass door.  Fiberglass doors and windows are energy efficient, durable, nearly maintenance-free, and strong and will not decay.