Lowrance GPS is One of the Most Regarded Brands

One of the big names in the GPS market, Lowrance has been making GPS units since 1991 and over the past Twenty years has built up a name for excellence. If you are in the market for a new GPS unit, the name Lowrance will pop up with some frequency along with some of the other big names like Garmin and Magellan. While they won’t be the biggest or most popular brand, Lowrance GPS products deserve a major examination by anyone aiming to buy a GPS unit.

 The first thing that a person looking into the Lowrance line has to do is establish their intended use. The company started back in the 50’s making fish finding kit and branched out into the GPS market 20 years back. They now supply a full line of GPS devices that go from small handheld units for hikers to larger dash-mounted units for the individual finding their way in a car to aviation GPS units as well as keeping true to their company’s roots and offering a large amount of marine-oriented GPS units. So the 1st step in buying a Lowrance GPS is deciding on the planned use.
 Once the general use is decided upon, the step after that is to figure out a budget. Even in the Lowrance GPS line divisions there are wide ranges of price. Their outdoor and hiking units start in the 150 dollar range and quickly head north towards 400 greenbacks while their car units can be had from as little as 150 dollars while top level models sell for over 1,000 bucks. Knowing the boundaries of the budget and not going over it’ll assist in reducing budget creep.
 Another thing to be considered when purchasing a GPS unit is buying new or used. There are numerous places both in one’s neighborhood and on the internet that used Lowrance GPS units can be found for good prices. A good examination and testing of the unit could help decide if it is going to work well or not, however that may not be possible over the Net. If the unit will be used for recreational activities and nothing too major, then buying used might be a good choice. Nevertheless if it’ll be utilized for something more serious where the implications for not finding one’s way are serious, then it would most likely be better to pay a bit more, buy one new and totally test it before heading out.
 Lowrance GPS units are highly regarded in the field and come from a company with 20 years of experience under their belt. Whether outdoors, marine, aviation or car, Lowrance will supply the user with a quality product backed up by a company who will not fold tomorrow.

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