Auto Glass Repair Insurance FAQ’s

Windhsheild Insurance

What is auto glass repair no fault insurance coverage? Arizona is one of the few states that offer this kind of coverage. Arizona law ARS 20-264 states that insurance companies that write comprehensive coverage must offer policyholders windshield replacement and auto glass repair coverage with a $0 deductible. In other words, a separate glass endorsement, with low cost premium; typically about $5-$15 a month and controlled by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Arizona law ARS 20-263 , includes the “no fault” insurance claim part which means that insurance companies cannot raise your rates due to any comprehensive auto glass repair claims that was not caused by you.


How do I know if I have comprehensive auto glass repair insurance coverage? Typically, individuals will carry comprehensive insurance coverage on their policy when their car is leased or they are still making payments to the bank for their automobile. Often individuals that own older cars and have already paid off there car loans will only carry liability insurance for a lower premium cost. Check your own auto insurance policy for more detailed coverage information.


I do not know whether I have auto glass repair coverage or deductible; what then? That is not a problem. Just contact us, and we will aid you in reporting the claim and getting insurance coverage. You can always ask. If you end up having a deductible or you don’t have glass coverage on your policy, you will at least know. You can also check to see how much your insurance company charges for the glass endorsement each month for future reference. However, all calls are recorded therefore if you don’t have coverage and you want to add it for the future, you can’t just wait for it to take affect and have your windshield replaced for no charge. Your insurance company will make you pay for your current broken windshield and prove to them that you had it replaced then they will pay for any additional occurrences if you added the glass endorsement.  Surprise Auto Glass Repair offers the best,  free, no obligation, low-cost car windshield replacement prices in the industry.


What if I don’t have auto glass coverage and I have a broken windshield, can I just add it to my policy and wait a few months to have it replaced? Possibly but not ethical or legal. Some insurance companies now require that you submit a picture of your windshield, come by one of their inspection offices, or they will send an inspector to your home or business before adding this additional coverage.


When questioning if it is necessary to contact the insurance company or the local agent first, the answer is no. Surprise Auto Glass Repair members can help file your insurance claim and obtain consent and approval.  Moreover, coverage verification and mobile appointments can be confirmed with just one phone call.


Another concern is if filing an auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim will have an impact on insurance rates. The response to this is no as well.  The State of Arizona, law ARS 20-263, makes it clear that a “no fault claim” for auto glass repair claim cannot legally increase rates.  This means incidents such as hurled objects, weather conditions, rocks kicked up by other motorists, and acts of crime such as vandalism will not increase insurance rates.


Do insurance companies cover the windshield chip repair costs? Most companies would rather waive the deductible and have the glass repaired rather than have it replaced since the cost is considerably less for a repair. Therefore, if you carry a comprehensive insurance policy regardless if you have a glass waiver or glass endorsement on your policy, most insurance companies will cover the full cost of the repair. So, if you have comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible and your windshield is in repairable condition (up to 6 inches with insurance) than your insurance company will waive your deductible if the repair is successful. State Farm is the only insurance company (now) that requires you to have the glass waiver or endorsement on your policy for them to cover the cost of the windshield chip repair.


As a preferred member of several insurance companies, and third-party administrators including LYNX and Safelite Solutions, Surprise Auto Glass accept and honors all insurance companies pricing structures. Currently we are an approved member of insurance companies such as; Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Esurance, AAA, Progressive, Hartford, AIG, and USAA. Surprise Auto Glass takes pride in maintaining a positive reputation.


In cases where there are questions about coverage or deductibles, the office can help in reporting the claim and verifying insurance coverage. However, not everyone has comprehensive coverage, and in some cases, there is no coverage at all.  Therefore, Surprise Auto Glass will provide you with competitive low cost windshield replacement prices.


Filing a automobile glass insurance claim is not difficult.  More often than not the process can be completed in less than fifteen minutes. For added convenience, it is possible to File your Auto Glass Replacement Claim online or by calling the local shop directly.


Furthermore, a reimbursement in the amount of fifty dollars is presented to all insurance holders who have total glass coverage included in their comprehensive policy. So, if you carry a $0 deductible on your auto insurance policy; we will pay you $50 dollars Cash for having your windshield replaced with Surprise Auto Glass.


There will not be any extra expenses for the insurance company or the consumer as a result of this fifty-dollar reimbursement program. All contract pricing is honored.  Up-charging is not a practice that Surprise Auto Glass gets involved in. Truth be told, it’s impossible for any auto glass repair shop to upcharge because insurance companies will only pay “fair and reasonable pricing”.


Many people prefer OEM glass. Some companies will cover this and some will not.  Certain providers will only cover OEM glass for present-year models, or cars that are no more than one or two years old. However, Surprise Auto Glass will exert genuine effort to have this preference covered.


How do I know who manufactured my automobile windshield? According to FMVSS, all windshields that are manufactured and sold in the United States must contain the manufacturing plant details on the windshield including a Department of Transportation (DOT) code. Typically, this DOT code is called a windshield “bug” and is located on the bottom of all car windshields. You can get this DOT code from your car windshield and enter into the glassBYTES/AGRR database to find out who manufactured your particular windshield.


Insurance agents and companies have a tendency to recommend any auto glass replacement company as long as they are a member of their third-party claims administrator LYNX Services or Safelite Solutions. Surprise Auto Glass  is a member of them both. However, you still have a right to choose whomever you wish to perform your car windshield replacement by law.


It is possible to choose a company other than that which is recommended by my agent to perform the required work. Yes, this is clearly outlined in Arizona State Law 20-469. Moreover, when an agent or insurance company recommends a particular auto glass repair shop, they are also required by law to communicate the fact that any auto glass repair shop will be accepted.


At times certain insurance companies or agents will suggest their favorite, or preferred, auto glass repair shop. However, by law, this is merely a suggestion on their part that does not have to be adhered too.  In many cases insurance companies and agents will receive a myriad of benefits for sending business to certain auto glass establishments.  This is because they are financially affiliated or are receiving kickbacks in forms of gift cards, lunches and monies.  In contrast, Surprise Auto Glass offers a nationwide lifetime warranty, honors all insurance contract pricing so that there will never be any additional costs to you or your insurance company, and we will give you free windshield chip repairs w/ any new windshield replacement.   In addition, Surprise Auto Glass charges the same “fair and reasonable prices” as the preferred company that they try to steer clients too but you get all the perks, not the other way around. Truth be told; all auto glass repair shops will only be paid “fair and reasonable pricing” by any insurance company so insurance up-charging is not possible.


Consumers can check on the status of their claim or inquire about their deductible without fear of raising rates. Asking questions is not considered a claim and therefore will not incur any rate adjustments.  Learning information about your insurance policy is free of charge.


Policy owners who only carry liability insurance cannot make a claim for auto glass damage as glass coverage is not included in the policy. Liability only covers damage that is caused to other automobiles.  Having said this, Surprise Auto Glass stays current on market prices and offers competitive rates.  Cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted for customer convenience.


More often than not, insurance companies will waive the deductible if a chip repair is done as compared to replacing the entire windshield. In many cases 100% of a windshield chip repair is covered. In other words, if the comprehensive deductible is $50.00 to $1,000.00, and the windshield is able to be fixed, the insurance provider will bear the entire fee.  One exception to this comes into play with State Farm.  This insurance company requires a glass endorsement to be carried on the policy in order to cover car windshield chip repairs.


High deductibles of $250.00 or more usually equates to a auto glass cost under that amount. In such cases it is suggested to avoid going through the insurance company and pay out-of-pocket instead.


According to ARS 20-264, Arizona policyholder’s must be given the option to take advantage of auto glass coverage without any deductible at all. What this really says is Arizona residents have the opportunity to obtain glass coverage with a zero deductible for a minimal premium.  This small charge is usually no more than $5.00 to $15.00 more each month.


Comprehensive coverage offered through insurance companies usually covers all glass including vent glass, quarter glass, door glass, back glass, windshields, and in some cases, mirrors.


Aftermarket tint on windows can be replaced.  Insurance companies are willing to front the cost to have aftermarket tint reapplied. Surprise Auto Glass is capable of performing this service as well.


In recent years it has become more common for insurance companies to request random inspections of damage prior to giving authorization to the auto glass repair facility.  If chosen, the insurance company will send out an inspector or adjuster to confirm the details of the damage.  Once confirmed, the insurance company will give Surprise Auto Glass approval to perform the work.  However, this process can prolong the car windshield installation.


Insurance company representatives will confirm identity, verify coverage, and gather auto glass claim information when going through the process of reporting a claim. After this is completed, approval is given to the consumer’s preferred auto glass repair facility. For a full list of commonly asked insurance questions when opening a auto glass  insurance claim, visit our auto glass repair program page.


This information gathering phase conducted by an insurance representative for reporting a claim is often done by telephone. It normally takes no more than fifteen or twenty minutes to complete the entire process.


When considering deductibles, take the time to make sure the glass coverage is not being confused with collision or comprehensive coverage. The majority of Surprise Auto Glass losses fall under comprehensive as long as nothing else is being claimed.  It is possible to have a $0.00 glass deductible and a $250.00 comprehensive deductible at the same time.  It is easy to get these confused; it pays to be clear about the type of coverage in advance. If you’re not sure, one of our representatives will be happy to assist in finding this information out for you.


If a high deductible of $250.00 or more happens to be the scenario, the cost of the windshield will most likely be lower. Get the cost of windshield replacement without insurance now! If the windshield quote is less than the deductible it would be best not to file a claim.  This will keep a claim from being filed, or rather save a claim from being filed.  However, if the deductible is $50.00 or under, Surprise Auto Glass will be happy to waive that amount in its entirety.  No additional promotions can be fulfilled at the same time.