Smart Drive: Mercedes E-Class Superlight

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Lightweight development is an more and more pivotal factor of automotive R&D, and an absolute should have at the upper end of the premium section. Whilst Audi continues to experience the benefits of its aluminum space frame technique, BMW is putting a crystal clear emphasis on carbon fiber. For its venture i automobiles, BMW has set up with SGL Carbon, a foremost methods provider that just lately also attracted the curiosity of the VW group.

For its component, Mercedes-Benz signed a cooperation deal with Toray, a Japanese C fiber provider. Each SGL & Toray are seasoned material experts that have acquired strong know-how in conditions of vehicle architectures, manufacturing processes, and value-reducing approaches.

Mercedes started out to discover the greater output potential of the light-weight black gold back again in 2010. Though they had acquired some experience when operating collectively with McLaren on the SLR, the German necessary a credible answer to the BMW i3 & i5, they necessary a remedy that met their price and quantity targets, and they necessary it quickly. Even though Audi is nevertheless hesitating to leap on the synthetic bandwagon, the VW group is also hoping to make up for misplaced time and has chosen Lamborghini as interim carbon fiber flagship brand name.

Even though E Superlight is mentioned to borrow factors from ho-hum principles like Mercedes E-Class India, Mercedes F800 (C-course-size) & F125 (S-class-dimensions), we can only assume that the current flamboyantly ornamental designs, questionable proportions, and more than-the-leading detailing will shortly give way to trend-environment architecture that is aerodynamically successful, purposeful and versatile, rather to search at, and sufficiently interesting to match the groundbreaking content material.

Even though we really don’t know nevertheless what visual theme, we do listen to that the Mercedes E-Superlight features a radical door concept with relatively brief rear pantograph sheets that swing out & back again. Many thanks to the tough and sturdy carbon fiber structure, there is no need for B-pillars that need to make entry and way out a truly grand experience.

Even though the suicide doors draw a specific equal to BMW’s undertaking i, Mercedes would go a single stage more by developing a total architecture that does without having an aluminum chassis. This is said to not only reduce expense and complexity, it delivers the bodyweight down further. In all, the car is explained to undercut the current metal-bodied E-course by virtually 800 lbs.

Motivations To Ensure A Second Hand Car Has Complete Services History

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Many things should be taken into account when looking to buy used cars. It is a good idea to consider how the car was treated by the previous owner. Observing interior wear and small dents on the outside can provide clues to this. The service or repair history also an important source of information. These might be found on the internet, using a vehicle background check and the vehicle identification number. Where ever they come from, repair records are important to the decision of whether or not to purchase any used car.

Poor driving habits, such as frequent jack-rabbit starts, hard braking or cornering, or riding a manual transmission clutch can cause a lot of wear and tear on many parts of cars on sale. Repair history can give some idea of whether or not such driving habits were done by the previous owner.

Lot of cars get in small accidents and then are repaired. Some repaired dents may not be a problem. However, some accidents can do structural damage that make the vehicle less safe to drive. If the only the external damage is repaired, the lowered value of the car is hidden from view.

Lack of repair can also be indicated, even if the previous owner did not have bad driving habits. If the owner never changed the oil, the oil filter, or the air filter, internal engine damage may have resulted. Also, if the cooling system coolant levels were not adequately maintained, there may be damage to the engine by overheating. These situations can cause minor damage that accumulates over time.

Another thing one can learn from service records is who has been working on the car. Is the mechanic or company reputable, or do they cut corners to save themselves money. Even if the previous owner was good about getting repair done, if the mechanic was not a good one, the car may not be in great condition.

Organized people who keep their repair history in order may be better drivers. In reality, an organized person may have a more even tempered. This may mean less of the bad driving habits mentioned above. Also, organized people may be better at making sure that the right service was done at the right times for that car.

Even if the car you are considering buying looks great, the real issue is the many little problems you cannot see. Years of lack of service and bad driving may bring the engine closer to failure before the time of your purchase. Things may go very wrong shortly after you become the owner. The repair bills for damage done will be larger than the maintenance would have been, and you will have to pay for it.

The important information that comes from the service history may not be in the records themselves, but may be in the fact that the records are spotty or missing. When they are found in great condition, used cards are a tremendous value. Asking for service records can help you judge whether the cars is in great condition on the inside as well as on the outside.