Car Rental Deals That Are Too Good To Be True And Why You Need To Avoid Them

You probably have heard the saying before, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is particularly true in terms of car rental. There are many deals that sound great at first hearing, but turn out to be not what they seem. The problem for a lot of people is that they end up paying much more than they expected to have to pay because they have grabbed one of these deals without thinking about it properly. Below is some information about the things you will have to beware of in terms of these too good to be true car rental deals.


The biggest issue that many people have with these car rental deals is hidden costs. You need to remember that car rental companies are there to make money and that is what they will be trying to do with their customers. What often happens is that these car rental companies will advertise their cars at low prices but they will whack on hidden extras once you have agreed to rent from them. Always check the contract closely to find out if you are going to be paying more than you expected. You will probably end up paying surcharges and taxes if you are renting from an airport this type of fee is a bit unavoidable.


A common ploy used by car rental agents is to get you to buy their expensive car insurance. For some companies there is more money to be made selling car insurance than there is from hiring out cars. Check if you do need to purchase any insurance and don’t just take the word of the car rental agent. You may already be covered by your own car insurance policy so you might not need this extra insurance. If you do have to get insurance from the car rental company then only choose the basics.


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