Avoid Frequently Changing Your Headlight Bulbs

The normal lifespan of standard halogen headlights are expected around 350 to 400 hours, approximately. Many people drive during the night or travel early in the morning to avoid traffic. Most of the people use lights, like tail lights or signal lights, to communicate with other drivers but headlights are the most often used all throughout the trip. Consequently, if you use your headlight bulbs for quite too often, it is possible that your bulbs have to be changed regularly.

There could be several causes why it is happening and through identifying what the reason behind the problem is, you’ll save yourself the cost of continually buying replacement bulbs, and the hassle of needing to change them constantly.

For drivers who use their headlights for long periods can extend the time between changes by fitting long-life halogen bulbs. These tougher car bulbs contain heavy-duty reinforced components which could last three times longer than standard bulbs.

Moreover, proper caring and other precautionary measures should be practiced. If you happen to touch the glass section of the headlight bulb with bare hands when you change them, the natural oils in your skin will leave a little residue behind. This could cause a build-up of oil patch and may turn into a hot spot inside the bulb that leads to its failing sooner. It’s a good idea to put on a latex glove when installing new halogen bulbs.

Likewise, the headlight bulbs are susceptible to the effects of thermal shock. Probably, the bulb could be damaged in this condition. You will have to ensure that the bulb is securely installed and all the wirings are properly connected.

Quality headlight bulbs are patented with the E1 mark. This means that they’ve undergone the most arduous testing and quality standards.

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