Auto Glass Insurance Program

Windshield Insurance Program

Surprise Auto Glass Replacement is approved and accepted by most major insurance providers including; Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, State Farm, USAA, AAA, Geico, Hartford, Esurance, Progressive, and many many more. In the state of Arizona, policyholders have the choice to choose any auto glass repair shop they like to perform the work on their car. Surprise Auto Glass Replacement honors all insurance company pricing and Arizona policyholders get the benefit of a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Insurance policyholders will never have to pay any expenses from their own pocket. In addition, if you carry a $o deductible glass replacement auto insurance we will give you $50 Cash Back (at time of service). Or, we can waive up to $50 of your deductible for windshield replacement. You can’t lose! We don’t upcharge your insurance company and there will never be any additional out-of-pocket expenses for you.

You can call Surprise Auto Glass Replacement directly to file any auto glass replacement insurance claim. We will help you file your claim and answer all of your questions in advance, so that the claim process is comfortable for you. In fact, we will stay on the line while you report the claim to help you throughout the entire process. Automobile glass claims typically take less than 15 minutes to complete.


Following are the questions that your insurance company will ask to process a claim for an auto glass replacement.


1. The policyholder’s name. Some insurance providers take the auto glass repair claim only at the hands of the policyholder.


2. The policyholder’s policy number. Many insurance companies provide different policy numbers for every automobile insured by the same owner. State Farm insurance is one of those companies.


3. What part of the car got damages? Windshield, Door Glass, Back Glass, Vent Glass, Sun Roof, or Quarter Glass.


4. What part of the car got damaged in addition to the glass? If there are other damages besides glass, you will have to pay the required comprehensive deductible even if you have full glass coverage.  Therefore, if you do have additional damage such as a body damage, evaluate the cost of the damage and if it is below your deductible than we suggest that you pay for the body damage out-of-pocket and have your glass covered fully with you glass endorsement. For more information on insurance claims visit our Insurance Auto Glass Repair FAQ’s page.


5. Did any individual get injured due to the auto glass or windshield damages? Again, if the answer to this question is “yes” than you will be required to pay for your comprehensive insurance deductible in advance and the damage will no longer fall under your auto glass repair endorsement.


6. Did the policyholder file a claim with the insurance company? If you happened to communicate with only your agent and if there are no other damages then there won’t be any claim number; therefore the answer will be no.


7. What is the date when the auto glass damage took place? The date of damage can’t be decided by your insurance provider. If you are unaware of the date of damage, then you have to specify the time when you happen to notice the damage or when the break spread? While mentioning the date of damage, be sure you carried coverage on that date? If the date of damage specified by you is longer than about six months, the claim will be delayed as the insurance provider will need time to archive your insurance policy information.


8. What part of the windshield incurred damages? Examples: top right hand corner, the bottom left corner, middle, drivers side, or passenger side.


9.   Is the area of the car windshield that got damaged bigger than the size of a paper dollar bill? If the damage area is smaller, the insurance provide will insist that you have the windshield repaired versus replaced. Who will have the last say is still unclear; the insured, insurance provider, the auto glass repair shop or Arizona Department of Transportation. However, Surprise Auto Glass Replacement believes that you still have the right to decide whether your windshield gets replaced or repaired since you are the one paying for this added glass endorsement. But, your insurance company will highly suggest that you have your windshield chip repaired because it saves them money.

Some insurance providers demand random examination before permitting windshield repair shops to perform the car windshield replacement. These insurance providers include Geico, now USAA and American Family.


After filing of the claim, many insurance providers perform verification of the coverage while reporting the auto glass repair claim and the glass shop receives authorization to perform the needful work, right then. Some insurance providers have to use offline verification procedure because the TPA has no direct access to the policyholder’s coverage information. Here, the TPA will send an email message to the insurance provider for ensuring coverage verification and later they will contact you. In such instances, authorizations are not given for doing any kind of work until the coverage is verified. The verification process is done in about twenty four hours. Surprise Auto Glass Replacement will contact your insurance agent directly in case of an emergency situation for getting your coverage details.


Auto Glass Replacement Claims and Your Insurance Company

Most major insurance providers use third party administrators (TPA) for filing auto glass repair claims on their behalf. What this means, is that if you call your insurance company to file a windshield claim, you will be directed to the TPA that handles auto glass replacement claims for your insurance company. In order to file a claim, you must be the named policyholder, be available to speak to the representative to verify your identity, and provide your policy number. In most cases, the TPA will be able to verify your coverage and give Surprise Auto Glass Replacement authorization to perform the work.

The two largest third-party administrators are Safelite Solutions and LYNX Services. These providers prefer and support services provided by Surprise Auto Glass Replacement.  Safelite Solutions is not to be confused with Safelite Auto Glass although they are financially affiliated. Safelite Solutions handles auto glass insurance claims for hundreds of insurance companies. Part of Safelite Solutions auto glass program includes insurance companies such as: Farmers, Geico, USAA, Hartford, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and American Family.

Although Safelite Solutions (the TPA) is financially affiliated with Safelite Auto Glass (the service provider); the two companies are supposed to be run as separate entities to keep legal. However, if you call one of the insurance companies within the Safelite Solutions group and you do not have a preferred provider they will send you to a Safelite Auto Glass service center. But, keep in mind Arizona law gives you a right to choose your auto glass service provider.

In fact, Surprise Auto Glass Replacement is a member of Safelite Solutions and has contracted pricing with your insurance company within the Safelite auto glass program. So, we charge the same contracted amount as Safelite Auto Glass but we give you $50 Cash Back unlike Safelite Auto Glass.

The second largest third-party glass administrator is LYNX Services. The two largest insurance companies that utilize LYNX Services to handle windshield claims on their behalf include; State Farm and Allstate. LYNX Services does not own and operate an auto glass replacement service company. However, they do have their preferred shops based on profit. Surprise Auto Glass Replacement is a member of LYNX Services along with thousands of other windshield repair shops.

LYNX Services allows glass shops to bid on jobs based on discounts. The deeper the discount and the larger the expected profit to LYNX Services the more jobs they will provide auto glass repair shop. Remember, insurance companies will only pay fair and reasonable prices so auto glass companies can never upcharge. Therefore, LYNX Services already knows what the fair and reasonable price that the insurance company is willing to pay and if the glass shop comes in with a deep discount the higher the profit will be for the TPA (LYNX Services).

So, the auto glass repair shop that wins is the ones that provide the largest discounts not the one that is best for you as the customer. With that said Surprise Auto Glass Replacement is a member of LYNX but does not play their game. We honor State Farm and Allstate insurance pricing so that there will never be any additional out of pocket costs for you. However, we prefer to give you the deep discounts rather than the TPA (the insurance company is always going to get their share). Therefore, we give you $50 Cash Back with any $0 deductible windshield replacement claim.